Dear Community,

Palak here, Founder & CEO of Embiria. I wanted to give you a warm welcome and say thanks for being a part of this community.

Exploring in Europe.

Exploring in Europe.

I started Embiria in April 2017 and have already seen it grow in various ways I didn’t expect over the past 1.5 years. One of the main reasons I started Embiria was to foster a greater sense of connection and community, essentially fulfilling my desire to bring people together over meaningful and mindful experiences. Through curating these experiences, I’ve also realized the love I’ve always had for finding joy in experiences over material things. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to spend my resources seeking out experiences that would allow me to explore, fuel my curiosity and inspire me in all sorts of ways.

A lot of that has been done through traveling around the world (I think I’m at 38 countries and counting), but I’ve also come to appreciate other ways in which I create that for myself. This includes things like spending the weekend exploring a new part of the city with my husband, discovering a healthy brunch spot I didn’t know existed, curling up with a great book in a nearby café nook, or coming across the most relaxing natural bath products and candles that help me unwind after a long day. I’ve always been keen on wanting to share the beautiful experiences and discoveries I’d make in my day to day, big or small, and have really become a resource for recommendations amongst my network.

A few months into Embiria, I could see that this company for me was so much more than providing local experiences rooted in creativity and wellness, but also having a place to express my personal love for the places and things I come across, that I think you would enjoy too.

And so Expressions was born. This blog is a way for me to give you, the community, an invitation into my life and the things that I find joy in. It’s also a way for me to share what’s on my mind, with thoughts, lessons and letters.

Whenever I feel called to, I will be sharing a curation of experiences that I think you’ll be authentically interested in. Whether that’s a place I think you should visit, a new routine I’m trying, or even highlighting a story of a new local business I’ve come across. And at other times, I will use this as a place to express my feelings, hopefully giving you some insightful takeaways.

I’m excited to have you along this journey with me…and I can’t wait to see what we discover together.

With love,